esure is one of the leading car insurers in the UK, with over 1.3 million drivers on its books. They also belong to the esure Group, which includes Sheilas’ Wheels and First Alternative.

The goal

To increase the amount of in-force policies, while improving and refining customer experience.

As I was the only copywriter at esure I had the opportunity to work across the entire business, from SEM including SEO and PPC, to CRM including engagement emails, blogs, and videos. I wrote the copy for A/B tests, and often collaborated with the CRO team.

I also worked alongside underwriting to maintain a plain English tone of voice in the policy documentation. The relationship I had with senior stakeholders was pivotal when I was working on the annual report as I had to ensure there was a consistent voice throughout the document.

Rebranding – esure website

The esure brand went through a considerable refresh, and communication across the board was revamped, including the website. Collaborating with our digital agency I adhered to best practice SEO principles. I also pulled out key benefits, which were later put into testing.

SEO strategy – over 70s drivers

I’ve written over 100 SEO pages that targetted long-tailed keywords. The over 70s page was one of our top performing pages in terms of traffic, quotes, and sales. Because I also wrote for the Sheilas’ Wheels brand (which had the same SEO strategy) every page I wrote for esure had to be written again to fit with the Sheilas’ Wheels tone of voice.

Social media – content strategy and advertising

I managed the Facebook account, planned the social content calendar, and came up with ideas for infographics, as well as writing the posts and content. When a freelance social writer was hired I checked the quality and tone of voice of their work.

  • Facebook infographics
  • Carousel adverts
  • Sponsored posts


I’ve written cross-sell emails, as well as triggered emails when the customer interacts with the self-servicing platform, or gets a quote.

  • Cross-sell email
  • Triggered emails – quote not buy, customer servicing
  • Gmail adverts

Brand research and product naming

I’ve been involved in a number of strategic projects, such as streamlining the language in our policy documents, as well as exploring alternative product names for our Optional Extras and newly tiered travel product.

My Account – A new online servicing platform for esure customers

Due to a surge in customers esure wanted to refine its online servicing strategy in a bid to reduce pressure on the call centre, and pain points for customers who wanted to amend their policies. This was the first major online servicing platform the esure Group created and was rolled out across all 3 of its brands.

Understanding the customer was critical, and using data collected from the call centre I developed 3 customer profiles, and worked in an Agile environment alongside UX/UI designers, and a variety of developers. Keeping the language consistent throughout the process could be challenging at times, so I developed mini editorial guides for the developers as they were building the environment.  This reduced errors and maintained a sense of structure, especially when sprint demos were shown to senior stakeholders. I was involved at every stage of the process from the research and initial wireframes, all the way through to testing and launch.

Another big part of the project was refreshing and creating new customer documentation to fit in with the different online journeys now available.  New triggered emails were created that notified the customer when they made a change online. I also rewrote a lot of IVR messaging to make customers aware of My Account and arranged for this to get recorded with our voice artist.

In the first month over 125,000 people signed in to My Account, and 80,000 of those viewed their policy summary. On the day My Account launched, a record number of webforms were filled out by customers, requesting amends to their policy.


  • UX/UI copy
  • CX
  • SEM
  • CRM
  • Social Media
  • IVR
  • FAQs
  • Editorial guide creation