Liberation is a boutique healthcare communications agency that was bought by Creston Health. After being acquired, they wanted to revamp their brand to mark this new chapter in the business. Liberation was the catalyst that got people talking about developments in healthcare, so the art of conversation was a fitting strapline.

The strapline

The art of conversation

The manifesto

We are Liberation.
We understand that conversations can be abrupt.
Or they can be loquacious and eloquent, bubbling with beautiful words.
The can brimming with sparkling wit and repartee.
Or they can dull, boring and flat.
They can be over the garden fence or behind closed doors.
They can be one way or two. Possibly even more.
They can be whispered, private and personal.
Or public, slanderous and hurtful.
But the best conversations are catalysts for revolutions,
And we are the experts in starting them.


  • Concept development
  • Brand ignition
  • Copywriting