Owen Mumford





Owen Mumford is a leading medical device specialist, trusted by 7 of the 10 most successful pharmaceutical companies. One of the biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies face is choosing the right specialist to build the device required to administer their drug. If a device isn’t intuitive to use, or causes pain, patients won’t adhere to their treatment schedule, which not only puts their own health at risk, but also decreases prescribing rates. Owen Mumford is unique because it covers the design, manufacturing, and distribution process — everything is under one roof, which reduces the overall costs that go into producing a medical device.

The goal

Owen Mumford wanted to humanise medical devices, and show their partners how committed they are to patient experience, and ultimately adherence.

The single-minded proposition

Improve lives and cut healthcare costs

The strapline

Putting life into technology

  • The first thing Owen Mumford needed was a website overhaul, we worked alongside key stakeholders to create content that showcased how dedicated Owen Mumford was to improving patients’ lives.
  • The content included case studies, which demonstrated their level of expertise and knowledge, as well as pages that focused on the rich history of the company.
  • Other topics included manufacturing, and research and development. There were also articles on conferences Owen Mumford was attending.
Case studies
  • These included pieces on the research and development of devices used to treat conditions, such as MS and Anaphylaxis. I was in full control of each case study including the planning, researching, and writing phases.
Conference poster
  • I worked alongside art directors to design stands and other collateral, such posters for conferences.
  • The leaflet was initially written and designed as part of the pitch process, however Owen Mumford liked it so much they wanted copies for their sales team, and delegates at conferences.
  • The leaflet focused on the milestones, and awards Owen Mumford has collected over the years, as well as their rich history – cementing their reputation as one of the top medical device specialists.


  • Concept development
  • Branding
  • Research
  • Digital copy
  • Print
  • Conference/Exhibitions
  • B2B copy